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Here's What You Are Getting:

Velocity Mechanics Workshop

Paul breaks down baseball best and they bring the gas. You’ll be amazed at how similar each pitcher throws.

Wind Up Vs. Stretch

There is no real difference between the wind up and the stretch. Paul will put the proof righ tin front of you. 

Queen Bee Threory

His most famous theory. This one theroy has changed the way pitching is taught. Your pitching coach does not want you to see this. 

Queen Bee Examples

See examples of the Queen Bee theory and how deadly it can be to a pitchers performance and health

Queen Bee Demo

Paul will show you what cuases the Queen Bee and how to fix it. Your pitching coach is probably teaching you exactly what casues this. 

Queen Bee On-Field

Go on the field as Paul shows live proof of how the Queen bee causes most of the “flaws” traditional coaches try to fix

Wall Drill

Part 1 of the famous 3 Velocity Drills. You’ll never need a pitching coach if you can master these 3 drills

Wall Drill Demo

Paul goes on the field and breaks down the wall drill with one of his long time students

Yankee Stadium Drill

You don’t need to be a Yankee fan for this drill to help you throw gas. You can do it anywhere and you’ll instant feel the resutls.

Nets Drill

Part 3 & 4 Velocity Drills.  The Nets Drills is the critical 3rd Part that puts all the pieces together for you.

Nets Drill On Field

You’ll see how easy and effective the Nets drill is with this on field demo. 

Mechanics Mistakes

Paul breaks down the common mishaps of todays pitchers and how you can avoid them. 

Dynamic Warm Up

The most important part of your training. Follow along with Paul as he guides you through this quick warmup. 

Energy Workout

Ever been in the zone? Dialed in? did you know that you can create that feeling at will. Yup! That’s what the energy workout does. 

Super 7

Our most popular porgram. The super 7 is responsible for more MPH added to our pitchers than anything else. 

2 Minute Torture

Sounds like fun, huh? It ain’t . It’s brutal. But, it’s only 2 minutes. This crazy finisher will turn you to jell-o

3 Minute Madness

Player Demos

Watch as one of Paul’s students demos each othe exercises and routines .


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Here's Everything You're Getting!
Velocity Mechanics Workshop video    $29.99 VALUE INCLUDED
Wind Up vs. Stretch Video $29.99 VALUE INCLUDED
Queen Bee Mechanics Theory Video $29.99 VALUE INCLUDED
Queen Bee Field Demo $19.99 VALUE INCLUDED
3 Velocity Sequence Videos $29.99 VALUE INCLUDED
Wall Drill Workshop Video $29.99 VALUE INCLUDED
Wall Drill Field Demo $19.99 VALUE INCLUDED
Yankee Stadium Drill $19.99 VALUE INCLUDED
Yankee Stadium Field Demo $19.99 VALUE INCLUDED
Nets Drill $29.99 VALUE INCLUDED
Nets Drill Field Demo $19.99 VALUE INCLUDED
Super 7 Leg Workout $19.99 VALUE INCLUDED
 “2 Minute Torture” Leg Workout BONUS
Pitching Mechanics Mistakes BONUS

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What the Pros are Saying!
Goose Gossage
If you want to add MPH to your fastball and take your pitching to the next level then Paul Reddick is the way to go.
Goose Gossage,
Baseball Hall of Fame
Yogi Berra
Paul is a great coach who really knows his stuff. He’s the only guy I trust to run my camps.
Yogi Berra
Dave Eiland
My passion has always been helping pitchers get better. Paul Reddick shares that same passion. His program gives pitchers of all ages the right information and instruction to reach their goals.
Dave Eiland,
Pitching Coach
Kansas City Royals
Rick Honeycutt
For parents, pitchers and coaches who want the big league edge, I would recommend Paul Reddick’s 90mph Club. Paul is one of those guys who takes pitchers to the next level.
Rick Honeycutt,
Pitching Coach
LA Dodgers
Derek Johnson
I’ve been a subscriber of Paul Reddick and his 90mph club for years. I would recommend his program for any pitcher who wants to get to the next level.
Derek Johnson,
Pitching Coach
Milwaukee Brewers