Video #1 – The Kinetic Chain
Hitting power can ONLY be generated from feet to finger tips. There’s NO other way for the body to generate power. Understand this principle and you’ll harness your true power.
PLUS, each movement a hitter makes during the swing must follow this same “chain”. Any break or weakness in the chain and potential power is lost
Video #2 – Forced Continuity
Did you know that the first movement you make in your swing will affect whether you make solid contact or not? One inch off at the start and it could mean the difference between a foul ball and a line drive…one inch!!
Worst part is most coaches teach a bad start. When you start bad it’s impossible to finish good.
Video #3 – Data Collection
GAME CHANGER! This video is sure to upset about 90% of the hitting coaches in the game. It will change the way you train to hit FOREVER.
You’ll never hit off a tee, soft toss or use any hitting gimmick. You’ll know after watching this video that they WILL NOT improve your hitting. It’s mostly a waste of practice time and effort.
Video #4 – Bat Path
Please don’t say you’re being told to swing down on the ball or to swing level!
There is not a single hitter in baseball that swings down on the ball. When you see the common sense explanation and professional examples you’ll never do it again.
When you change your bat path you’ll unlock your power.
Video #5 – Never Squash The Bug & Hips
We’ve all heard the term “squash the bug”. But, most don’t know how much that “teach” disrupts the power system of the body.
Not only that…it’s completely off base and those who teach it have no idea how or why the back foot turns. Trying to “Squash the bug” actually hurts power.
Video #6 – You Don’t Hit With Your Wrists
Another common hitting theory is to think it’s all in the wrists. Once you understand the kinetic chain and how power is transferred you’ll know the role the wrists play in the swing and EXACTLY how to train them for power.
Video #7 – Never Swing A Heavy Bat
Why would any hitter do something that will dramatically alter their swing just moments before getting in the box?
Some people feel an artificial “pump” from swing a heavy bat or that it makes your regular bat feel lighter.
Wrong. Wrong. Wrong!! You’re doing more harm than good. It’s like drinking a soda…feels good in the moment but bad long term.
Video #8 – Dump The Drills
What? So it ain’t so!! Oh it be so. Once you watch videos 1- 4 you’ll be convinced that one handed drills, one knee drills, soft toss and tees are just a waste of time.
But, this video will go into detail and recap exactly why you should dump the drills and dump them now!
Video #9 – Putting It All Together
Ok, now you understand how power is generated, how a hitter should move, how a hitter really collects data, the correct swing path and to dump the drills…So, what do you do now?
This video will give you a plan of how to train and prepare to hit with power and authority.

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