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What the Pros are Saying!
Goose Gossage
If you want to add MPH to your fastball and take your pitching to the next level then Paul Reddick is the way to go.
Goose Gossage,
Baseball Hall of Fame
Yogi Berra
Paul is a great coach who really knows his stuff. He’s the only guy I trust to run my camps.
Yogi Berra
Dave Eiland
My passion has always been helping pitchers get better. Paul Reddick shares that same passion. His program gives pitchers of all ages the right information and instruction to reach their goals.
Dave Eiland,
Pitching Coach
New York Yankees
Rick Honeycutt
For parents, pitchers and coaches who want the big league edge, I would recommend Paul Reddick’s 90mph Club. Paul is one of those guys who takes pitchers to the next level.
Rick Honeycutt,
Pitching Coach
LA Dodgers
Derek Johnson
I’ve been a subscriber of Paul Reddick and his 90mph club for years. I would recommend his program for any pitcher who wants to get to the next level.
Derek Johnson,
Pitching Coach
Vanderbilt University
Eric Cressey
Lots of guys work hard, but not many guys work smart, too. That’s where Paul Reddick can help you. If you want to throw harder and stay healthy while doing so, 90mph Club is a great place to start!
Eric Cressey,
Trainer to Kevin Youklis, Curt Schilling & Tyler Beede
Who is Paul Reddick?

Paul Reddick helps pitchers throw harder. Because of the results of the pitchers that use his many books, courses and instruction Paul is known as the Master of MPH. Paul has served as a scout for Pittsburgh Pirates, a state delegate for USA Baseball and coached in the Montreal Expo farm system.

His signature velocity getting course The 90mph Club is used by more pitchers than any other single pitching training program.

Paul is currently the Director of The Yogi Berra Museum baseball camp and the Co-Author of the best seller The Picture Perfect Pitcher with Tom House and Mike Epstein on Hitting with Mike Epstein.

Paul is also one of America’s top young speakers. He speaks to numerous youth, high school, college, and business groups every year. Paul’s speaking career is centered around empowering youth and college groups to achieve lasting success, greater friendships, and healthy relationships.

Baseball legend Yogi Berra says "Paul is a great coach. He really knows his stuff."
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