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“I see loads of players coming through my door wanting to know why they wound up injured - and the answer always comes down to a lack of preparation. Lots of guys work hard, but not many guys work smart, too. That's where Paul Reddick can help you."

- Eric Cressey - Trainer to Kevin Youklis, Curt Schilling & 2011 First Round Pick Tyler Beede

- David Wright,
New York Mets Third Baseman

Over 2,000 Hitters Can't Be Wrong

My name is Paul Reddick, and the three "cheat sheets" I have assembled will put the odds back in your favor and give you the tools you need to reach your full hitting potential. Once you have this shortcut in your hitting arsenal, you’ll be on your way to becoming a power producing, dominate hitter.

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  • Three (3) strategies you’ll never hear from a “Traditional” hitting coach about how to maximize power (safe for any page player)
  • Why every drill you’re doing is hurting your power. (HINT: It’s scientific. We’ll show you the study. It’s Nuts.)
  • How to check to make sure the way you are swinging is giving you the best chance for maximum power
  • How to beat out those hitters who “were born with it” by making a simple adjustment to your mechanics and your training (Bonus Video included)

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About Paul Reddick & The Load to Explode Hitting Program

Paul has served as a scout for Pittsburgh Pirates, a state delegate for USA Baseball and coached in the Montreal Expo farm system. 

Paul is currently the Director of The Yogi Berra Museum baseball camp and the Co-Author of the best seller The Picture Perfect Pitcher with Tom House and Mike Epstein on Hitting with Mike Epstein.

He’s been featured in Collegiate Baseball News, Baseball America, Junior Baseball Magazine, NBC News, News 12, The Newark Star Ledger, starred in the T.V. pilot The 25th Man.

In 2010 Newark Mayor Cory Booker presented Paul with The Larry Doby award for service to the youth of Newark. 

Paul is also one of America’s top young speakers. He speaks to numerous youth, high school, college, and business groups every year. Paul’s speaking career is centered around empowering youth and college groups to achieve lasting success, greater friendships, and healthy relationships.

Baseball legend Yogi Berra says “Paul’s a great coach. He really knows his stuff.”